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Superior Staircases and Handrails

Improve the appeal of your stairs with interior railing systems and handrails custom built by DM & C Steel Corporation. Coming through for residential and commercial clients since 1997, we are your trusted choice with a commitment to excellence.  

Your Complete Choice for Railing Systems

As your one-call solution, we can design new railings that will comply with the ADA regulations, community, and local building standards. Our capabilities include:
  • Wrought iron work
  • Staircases
  • Handrails
  • Fabrication and installation of interior railing systems and handrails

Design and Measurement Process

Our design and measurement process is not complicated. In most cases, a simple and sturdy railing will be exactly what you need. But if you want something a little more ornate, our representatives are happy to work with you to accomplish your goals. 

Regardless of what kind of railing you want, it helps if you can forward a picture of your steps or the porch and steps that lead to your home or business. This allows our design team to identify what your porch and steps are constructed of and the general length of your railings. 

If you have an image of a design that you would like us to build, please send the photo or a drawing. Architectural drawings work well, but even a rough drawing on a notepaper can suffice. You are also welcome to just call us directly at 626-698-0908 and we will work with you to develop a rail that meets your needs.

If there are any applicable building codes or other issues you should consider, our thorough team will identify them and develop drawings that will superimpose your concept over its actual location on a digital image. 

Some railing needs are more urgent than others, including those for insurance inspections, FHA Inspections, and related reasons. Know that we offer a prompt response and in some cases, we can get the job started over the phone.

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