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About Us

About DM & C Steel Corporation

DM & C Steel Corporation was initially established in 1997 as Domingo’s Steel. The business name was changed to what it is today in 2012. Specializing in structural steel fabrication and wrought iron, our company has experience working with a variety of projects, including erection, structural frames, and miscellaneous iron. We are also a Los Angeles City certified fabricator.

Steel Fabrication

A Complete Dedication to Quality Control

Quality Control impacts every facet of our operation. Our Quality Control Inspector is a registered ICC Special Inspector with familiarity in structural steel, welding, and high-strength bolting. And to help meet the ever-growing needs of our clients, we work diligently to attract and develop top talents who follow a strict adherence to the L.A. City Building Codes and Standards.

Our attention to quality assurance starts with each customer's purchase order. It continues for all phases of the project, from fabrication to the delivery and through the erection and installation of the structural steel members.

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